The Lumira Ventures Venture Innovation Program

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With the establishment of Lumira Ventures Fund IV, the largest life sciences focused venture fund ever raised in Canada, we are launching our Lumira Ventures Venture Innovation Program (Lumira VIP).  The Lumira VIP is designed for a select and highly qualified group of Canadian students from leading academic institutions who want to gain exposure to life sciences venture capital and start-ups, and are committed to pushing the future of life sciences innovation forward.

This is not a summer internship, but rather an immersive 6-12 month program designed to offer you the opportunity to participate in the full lifecycle of life sciences venture innovation and investment via many different engagements across science, medicine, business, strategy, and operations. This is also the opportunity for you to showcase and highlight the best-in-class people, research and innovations from your soon-to-be alma mater.  By working hand in hand with seasoned industry professionals from all dimensions of the life sciences ecosystem, you will gain first-hand knowledge and insights into the challenges, opportunities, processes and people shaping the future of healthcare innovation in Canada and around the globe.

We believe in investing in homegrown talent and are committed to doing so by offering an unparalleled entrepreneurial experience and access to top-tier mentor networks in the industry that is extremely important for both the restart of the Canadian economy and potentially the next chapter of your career. At Lumira, we are committed to creating an inclusive culture built on the foundation of respect for all individuals and we celebrate diversity of all kinds. The Lumira VIP will strive to ensure that students from all backgrounds, including those historically marginalized and underrepresented within the venture capital industry will have the opportunity to participate in the program. Ultimately, our goal is that the Lumira VIP facilitate and support building a tight-knit, inclusive community across Canada that will provide a more diverse future for Canadian students and our industry.

How to apply

Please apply online, by Sunday, May 16, 2021, by visiting here.

Frequently asked questions

1. Who is Lumira Ventures?

Lumira Ventures is an impact investor that has consistently delivered first quartile financial returns to investors in its funds, while also delivering medical innovations that impact patient lives and healthcare ecosystems globally. Our portfolio companies have brought more than 50 biomedical innovations to the market impacting the lives of over 1 billion patients, and generating over $70 billion of cumulative revenue.

2. Why is Lumira Ventures launching the LV VIP?

From the seed investment all the way through to growth stage investment, we have partnered with entrepreneurs in Canada and throughout North America to develop and commercialize truly transformative products that address unmet patient needs and improve the lives of patients worldwide. As Canada is at the foundation of Lumira’s business, we feel privileged to be an active builder of Canada’s biotech and life sciences ecosystem and as a function recognize the growing need to identify and support the development of next generation of leaders and innovators within Canada’s high-growth life sciences ecosystem.

3. What is the application deadline?

Please apply online, by Sunday, May 16, 2021.

4. Am I eligible to apply for LV VIP?

You are eligible to apply if you are:
– a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada, and
– a final year PhD student in the biological sciences, or final year medical school/MBA student with a strong background in life sciences.

5. How much of time commitment is ideal and is the program paid?

To get the true benefit of the program, the candidates are expected to participate for at least 6 months, and commit 5-6 days per month. The participants will also be entitled to a monthly stipend.

6. How many students will you take into the program?

We will be taking 3-4 students in the program at one time in two intake cycles in a calendar year. The first cohort will start in June of this year and the second will be selected in November for a January 2022 start. The program is designed to have the flexibility to accommodate alternative start and end dates from time to time.