The Industry of Biotechnology is on the rise and Canadian LPs are waking up: Peter van der Velden and Anthony Mouchantaf (RBCx) discuss why on Tank Talks by Ripple Ventures

October 13, 2021 / Lumira News

Over the years we have seen a surge in investor interest and deal making in biotech. Lumira Ventures General Partner and Managing Director, Peter van der Velden is joined by Anthony Mouchantaf, Director, Venture Capital at RBCx and Tank Talks host Matt Cohen for an enlightening discussion on the Biotech investment space.

The past year in a global pandemic had an enormous financial toll on many sectors, but the biotech industry was able to flourish. With more intellectual property being shared among researchers and more free flow of risk capital we expect to see interests in biotech innovation expand. On this episode of Tank Talks, Peter and Anthony discuss how the pandemic has played a major role in the industry and convincing limited partners (LPs) to take the world of biotech more seriously. Peter shares insight into his journey becoming a biotech investor, why he believes institutional investors have put more thought into biotech investments, how to manage LP communications in the biotech space, what must happen to promote comfortability with Canadian investors in biotech and the overall maturation of life sciences over the years. On the other side of the biotech investment world, Anthony Mouchantaf (RBCx) describes how he convinced the RBCx team to pay more attention to Biotech, why life sciences can be intimidating for traditional investors and what value RBCx can bring to this expanding industry besides capital.

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