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July 10, 2018 / Lumira News

Today, Lumira Ventures is excited to debut its new website at, new branding and change of name from Lumira Capital to Lumira Ventures.

Over the past 30 years, Lumira has been at the forefront of the healthcare investment industry. Driven by their unique strategy, the team has overseen the investment of over 1 billion dollars across 100+ biotherapeutic and medical device companies. Companies that have achieved landmark medical discoveries, from curing Hepatitis C to developing technology that targets early signs of prostate cancer.

“Lumira goes beyond the bottom line by enabling transformative innovation in health care, and we wanted our brand to showcase the breakthroughs that are happening in the companies we fund and the wider community,” says Peter van der Velden, managing general partner at Lumira Ventures. “Our new brand does just that.”

Lumira Partner Jacki Jenuth led the rebrand. “We’ve worked with  some of the most amazing portfolio companies, entrepreneurs and partners,” says Jacki. “And while stability and experience remain cornerstones of our team and investment portfolio, we felt that now was the time to make sure our brand matched the success we’ve all shared.”

For support with brand strategy, messaging and design, Lumira turned to Toronto branding agency Distility.

“This effort was highly collaborative. Distility worked closely with Lumira to distill the ideas of their dynamic team and the compelling message that propels them,” says Axle Davids, brand strategist at Distility. “That’s why we picked a bright colour palette and created custom typography for the wordmark. As a VC, Lumira Ventures stands out from the crowd. And we wanted to make sure that brand does as well, from their logo to imagery and copy. Ultimately, Lumira’s success with their portfolio companies transforms businesses and saves lives, and Distility felt that they deserve a brand as strong as their commitment to healthcare.”


Jacki Jenuth, Partner
Lumira Ventures

Axle Davids
Brand Strategist and CEO

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