LQT Therapeutics Announces Collaboration with Leading Cancer Researcher

Alyssia Watkin Portfolio News, Thryv Therapeutics

LQT Therapeutics, Inc. (“LQTT”) is pleased to announce a collaboration with the laboratory of Dr. Donald McDonnell of Duke University School of Medicine to evaluate LQTT SGK1 inhibitors as potential treatment for patients with resistant prostate and breast cancer. Despite the approval of recent treatments for patients with these cancer types, resistance often emerges, and new treatments are needed. Recently, numerous scientists have produced evidence of SGK1’s role in the resistance of various cancers to existing therapies, and Dr. McDonnell’s laboratory has extensive experience in understanding this specific role. “The research in our group is focused on the development and application of mechanism-based approaches to identify novel therapeutics for use in the treatment and prevention of hormonally responsive cancers. We are interested in estrogen and androgen receptors (AR) as therapeutic targets in breast and prostate cancers and in defining how these receptors influence the pathogenesis of these diseases. The utility of targeting processes downstream of AR, such as SGK1 inhibition, could provide an alternate approach to therapy. In our laboratories we have demonstrated SGK1 inhibition blocks the effect of androgens in known cancer cell proliferation assays, and we believe SGK1 inhibition is a promising target in treatment resistant cancer. We are excited to evaluate LQTT’s platform of SGK1 inhibitors in our models of treatment resistant cancers,” said Dr. Donald McDonnell. Research at LQTT has validated the effects of SGK1 inhibition on cell proliferation pathways in prostate and colorectal cancers. Often difficult to treat cancers may be resistant from the start, or develop resistance during treatment with existing therapies through a variety of mechanisms. The recent approval of novel targeted therapies against cancer also generated additional pathways of resistance, and new opportunities to develop precision treatments to address this resistance. Additional roles for the activation of SGK1 in various cancer pathways continue to be discovered, and LQTT intends to explore these pathways and continues to advance a series of compounds with promise to address the treatment challenges of these resistant cancers. “We are looking forward to working with Dr. McDonnell and his team to further develop SGK1 inhibitors in different models of resistant cancers” said Dr. Eric Campeau, Vice President of Translational Research at LQT Therapeutics, Inc. “Dr. McDonnell and his scientific team have demonstrated the role of SGK1 in promoting tumor growth and overcoming resistance to anticancer treatments. We are hopeful SGK1 inhibition will prevent cancer progression in animal models of these resistant cancers. Our collaboration will aim to identify the optimal SGK1 inhibition profile required for anti-tumor activity, as well as the patient population that could most benefit from such therapy.”

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