Life Sciences BC Announces Companies and Mentors for Fourth Annual Investor Readiness Program

October 12, 2023 / Lumira News

Life Sciences BC welcomes the companies and mentors participating in its 2024 Investor Readiness Program (IRP). Through a focused six-month program, small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) in British Columbia’s life sciences sector are paired with entrepreneurs-in-residence (EIRs) to become investor-ready. The industry expertise and acumen of the mentors provide the companies with invaluable insight and support, culminating in a final pitch session with investors and community stakeholders at the end of the program.

Companies and mentors are paired according to skillset, experience, and interests. The SMEs and EIRs selected for the 2024 IRP are:

EIR Mentors

The program runs from October to March and emphasizes personalized coaching, educational sessions, goal setting, peer-to-peer feedback, networking opportunities, and group meetings. Applications for the 2025 program will open in spring 2024.

*This program is supported in part by funding from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP).

We are delighted to launch the 2024 Investor Readiness Program, dedicated to empowering our newest startups through education and mentorship and enabling them to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to attract investors. The vibrant life sciences community in British Columbia is rapidly expanding, and we thank the NRC IRAP for their invaluable support of this important initiative. We also thank our dedicated entrepreneurs-in-residence for their exceptional leadership and commitment to giving back to our sector. We look forward to another thrilling investor journey with our incredible BC SMEs, who represent the bright future of our sector.”

Wendy Hurlburt, President and CEO, Life Sciences BC

The IRP program empowered me with fundraising knowledge and provided me with a safe space to practice my pitch. The best part for me was the connection with my mentor, who continues to offer valuable guidance, unwavering support, and encouragement. She has made me a better leader of my company and team.”

Chris Tam, CEO, Integrated Nanotherapeutics and IRP Graduate 2023

The IRP is an extraordinary program. It’s inspiring and energizing for the mentors to spend time with bright entrepreneurs with fresh new ideas and a lot of passion. It’s also a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to learn from their peers and a wide range of experienced mentors. These relationships continue well beyond the program’s completion and can last for many years into the future.”

David Helliwell, Co-Founder & Executive Board Chair, Thrive Health and EIR

I thought that the program was great. We really grew up as a company and became far more professional. Our program had great mentors and great presenters. Highly recommended.”

Gordon Eberwein, CEO, Derm-Biome Pharmaceuticals and IRP Graduate 2023

For more information about LSBC’s Investor Readiness Program, please contact William Burrows, Director, Business Operations and Programs: 604-669-9099 ext: 101

About Life Sciences BC

Life Sciences BC is a non-profit industry association committed to championing and representing British Columbia’s vibrant life sciences community. Our multifaceted approach encompasses local, national, and international initiatives to foster collaboration across diverse sectors, drive economic development, and facilitate vital connections, investments, and global partnerships.

At Life Sciences BC, we implement impactful programs and projects that advocate for public policies, elevate regional and international visibility, and help expand BC’s thriving life sciences sector. Our representation extends to various stakeholders, including academic and research organizations, established and emerging life sciences companies, and the professional services supporting this dynamic ecosystem.


Johanna Mills
Manager, Marketing & Communications, Life Sciences BC

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