Expanding Pipeline Leads to Name Change – LQT Therapeutics Now Thryv Therapeutics

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  • New Name Emphasizes Relentless Pursuit of an Expanded and Rare Disease Portfolio
  • Oncology Programs added to existing Long QT Syndrome Program (“LQTS”)
  • Additional US$15M Financing Provides Fuel for Proof-of-Concept in LQTS

LAVAL, Québec, Canada | 11 July 2022 | Thryv Therapeutics Inc. is excited to announce the evolution of its portfolio to include treatments for resistant and rare cancers. The new name, Thryv Therapeutics Inc., embodies our commitment to relentlessly pursue therapies which provide lifelong benefits to patients, families, doctors, nurses and stakeholders. Recent discoveries implicating Serum Glucocorticoid Kinase 1 (“SGK1”) provided a strong rationale for additional funding, acceleration of a portfolio of compounds to target these new opportunities of high unmet medical need, and a new corporate name – Thryv Therapeutics Inc.

“We are grateful to our investors who recognize the significant potential of our SGK1 platform to treat resistant and rare cancers in addition to the on-going development of our compounds for Long QT Syndrome,” said Debra Odink, PhD, Chief Development Officer. “Recent internal research combined with our collaborators results confirms what various researchers have demonstrated. SGK1 is a novel, yet unexplored target that may provide an opportunity to address treatment resistance in oncology.”

In various genetic and acquired disease states, SGK1 may be mutated and overexpressed leading to the development of serious resistance to existing therapies. The development of SGK1 inhibitors represents a novel approach to target treatment-resistant cancers, and complement existing therapies.

Ongoing external collaborations with leading academic institutions are evaluating Thryv Therapeutics’ internally developed SGK1 inhibitors as potential treatments for patients with treatment-resistant breast, prostate and anaplastic thyroid cancer. This strategic evolution triggered a significant new investment from investors allowing for the completion of a proof-of-concept study in patients with Long QT Syndrome, acceleration of several in vivo proof of concept studies in cancer and Long QT, and submission of an IND for the treatment of resistant cancers.

About Thryv Therapeutics

Thryv Therapeutics Inc., previously called LQT Therapeutics Inc. is a privately owned company based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They have been pioneering a precision medicine approach to treat Long QT Syndrome via SGK1 inhibition since 2019 and have since evolved their portfolio to include the treatment of resistant and rare cancers. The development of SGK1 inhibitors represents a novel approach to target treatment-resistant cancers, and complement existing therapies. This strategic evolution has secured an additional US$15M financing fueling Thryv to complete a proof-of-concept study for LQTS, and submit an IND for the treatment of resistant cancer.

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