Biotheryx Announces Research Collaboration and License Agreement with Incyte for Discovery of Targeted Protein Degraders for Novel Oncology Targets

Alyssia Watkin Portfolio News, BioTheryX

Biotheryx, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company discovering and developing a portfolio of first-in-class protein degraders with a focus on validated targets in cancer and inflammatory disease, today announced it has entered into a Research Collaboration and License agreement with Incyte to discover and develop targeted protein degraders for novel oncology targets.

“We are pleased to embark on this collaboration with Incyte to identify targeted protein degraders for novel oncology targets. Biotheryx and Incyte share a commitment to finding new, transformative treatment options for people living with cancer,” said Philippe Drouet, President and Chief Executive Officer of Biotheryx. “Our PRODEGY platform is designed to increase efficiency in degrader discovery and design, enabling the development of therapies for previously undruggable targets. We look forward to leveraging this differentiated approach in our collaboration with Incyte and in the continued advancement of our pipeline of first-in-class, next generation bifunctional degraders and molecular glues for the treatment of cancers and inflammatory disease.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Biotheryx will utilize its distinctive PRODEGY platform to identify and initially develop molecular glue degraders for multiple historically undruggable oncology targets. For the initial target, Biotheryx will receive a technology access fee of $7 million plus up to an additional $6 million in potential research and development funding from Incyte for costs associated with the collaboration. Biotheryx is also eligible to receive potential future regulatory and commercial milestones of up to $347 million plus tiered single-digit royalties on global net product sales for the initial target. Incyte will be solely responsible for further development and commercialization of any molecular glue degraders discovered by Biotheryx’s PRODEGY platform. Additionally, under the terms of the agreement, the collaboration can be expanded under the same financial terms. Further financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“As we work to transform the oncology treatment landscape, Incyte is harnessing breakthrough science that may offer patients with unmet needs new treatment options,” said Dashyant Dhanak, Ph.D., Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of Incyte. “The Biotheryx team has significant expertise in targeted protein degradation, one of the most promising modalities in oncology, and we look forward to collaborating to develop therapies that can help improve patient lives.”

About Biotheryx, Inc.

Biotheryx is a biopharmaceutical company discovering and developing a portfolio of first-in-class protein degraders, including bifunctional degraders and molecular glues. Our initial focus is on deploying the differentiated potential of degraders towards validated targets in cancer and inflammatory disease. Members of our founding and scientific teams previously developed the first U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved modulators of Cereblon, the most widely validated E3 ligase involved in protein degradation, and we have applied our expertise in Cereblon binding to build our proprietary PRODEGY platform. Our pipeline of bifunctional degraders includes the first-ever degraders of SOS1 for pan-KRAS mutant cancers, CDK4/6 for solid tumors and PDE4 for inflammatory diseases. Our pipeline of molecular glues includes BTX-1188, a rationally designed, dual-targeting molecular glue degrader of GSPT1 and IKZF1/3 for acute myeloid leukemia and solid tumors. For more information, please visit and engage with us on LinkedIn.

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