A 5-Year, $50k Pledge: Supporting Mélanie’s Way on Their Mission to Impact the Lives of Women with Metastatic Cancer and Their Families

June 13, 2023 / Lumira News

Mélanie’s Way is a Canadian charity dedicated to granting personalized ‘wishes’ to send women battling cancer and their families on trips of a lifetime. The mission was inspired by Mélanie Chalmers who refused to be defined by the cancer that took her life. Mélanie had the courage to choose the exceptional, and to pursue amazing experiences in the face of great personal cost and risk, which she continued to do up until her final days. Today, Mélanie’s Way is run by over 30 volunteers across Canada and serves young women between the ages of 18 and 45 who have metastatic or relapsed cancer.

In 2022, Lumira Ventures provided a donation to Mélanie’s Way to send Kristen, a young woman with metastatic breast cancer, and her family on a trip that allowed them to create incredible memories to last a lifetime. Recognizing the profound impact that the wishes have on these families, Lumira Ventures is now partnering with Mélanie’s Way to fund one wish per year for the next 5 years, committing to a total donation of $50,000. Lumira Ventures is thrilled to continue our support for this mission that will help grant more transformative experiences, create unforgettable memories, reignite hope, and instill a renewed sense of joy for these brave women and their families.

“Mélanie’s Way is so grateful to Lumira Ventures for the support they have given – and their commitment to continue their support in the years ahead. Thanks to Lumira’s support, each year Mélanie’s Way will be able to create a personalized ‘wish’ experience for a young woman with terminal cancer to share with her loved ones. These wish experiences will create moments of joy for these women – and lasting memories for those they will leave behind. On a personal level, we are grateful to Nikhil Thatte from Lumira who created the ‘spark’ that led to the generous commitment from Lumira. What started with his personal attendance to our events and generous support led to conversations with Lumira’s leadership team, a shared understanding of the impact we could have together, and now a tangible impact on the lives of one family a year for the next several years. It’s a great example of what can happen when an individual decides to make a difference,”

Rob Chalmers, Co-Founder of Mélanie’s Way

Our pledge to contribute $10,000 annually over the next five years is a commitment to not only help execute the immediate mission of Mélanie’s Way but also to create a ripple effect in the lives of countless others and bring forward the power of philanthropy with the potential for positive change. With that, on Tuesday, July 20th, 2023, Mélanie’s Way is hosting its Spring into Summer Social aimed to bring community together and share stories from recently-completed and soon-to-happen wish experiences they have helped to create. We are also thrilled to have Senior Principal, Nikhil Thatte share a few words on our journey with Mélanie’s Way. Lumira Ventures invites its LPs, partners, and friends to join us at this event to see the profound positive impact that Mélanie’s Way is having on women with cancer and their families.

Mélanie’s Way Spring into Summer Social Details: https://stacktmarket.com/event/spring-into-summer

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