Alice Luo, Ph.D.



M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Immunology and Medical Sciences, University of Toronto
Ph.D. in Pulmonary Regenerative Medicine, University of Toronto

Alice joined the Lumira Ventures as a full-time member in January 2022, following her successful experience of being selected in 2021 as part of the inaugural class of the Lumira Venture Innovation Program. During her tenure as a VIP she worked closely with the Lumira team, and her commitment to excellence, ability to quickly identify and engage on the key issues and work collaboratively with founders, co-investors and the entire Lumira team made her transition to a full-time role in 2022 seamless. Alice’s current focus is on conducting scientific and technical diligence of investment opportunities. She strongly believes that biomedical innovations hold the key to better healthcare delivery and treatments that will lead to better lives for patients and through her work at Lumira Ventures she hopes to help accelerate the development of novel therapeutics. Alice holds a Ph.D. in pulmonary regenerative medicine from the University of Toronto. She has also completed M.Sc. and B.Sc. in immunology and medical sciences from the University of Toronto. Prior to joining Lumira Ventures VIP, Alice was a Fellow with HaloHealth, a Canadian physician angel group where she evaluated investment opportunities in Canadian and U.S. based health technology start-up companies. She also conducted scientific due diligence and managed relationships with angel investors, medical experts and companies. During her time at HaloHealth, Alice was also a scientific consultant with Bloom Burton, a healthcare investment firm where she conducted research and data analysis across a broad range of projects to help drive investment decisions. Alice is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese.