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Jennifer Schram Current

AmacaThera is developing a unique, injectable hydrogel platform technology for a wide range of medical applications. It’s first product aims to reduce the need for opioids and provide sustained relief for post-operative pain.

Antiva Biosciences

jacki jenuth Current

Antiva Biosciences is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel, topical therapeutics for the treatment of diseases caused by HPV infection.

Arclight Therapeutics

Alyssia Watkin Current

Arclight Therapeutics is building a portfolio of neurodegeneration companies to accelerate transformative neuroscience.


Altamash Hashmi Current

BioTheryX is a clinical-stage company with expertise in Targeted Protein Degradation with their novel, small molecule PHM to restore protein homeostasis and treat a wide range of diseases and serious cancers AML and MDS.

Bright Angel Therapeutics Company Logo

Bright Angel Therapeutics

Jennifer Schram Current

Bright Angel Therapeutics is a pre-clinical stage biotechnology company focused on the development of novel therapeutics for the treatment of drug-resistant and life-threatening fungal infections.

Cadence Neuroscience

Alyssia Watkin Current

Cadence Neuroscience is developing a fundamentally new approach to neuromodulation with an unprecedented potential to treat many neurological diseases that cannot be adequately addressed with available treatment options.

Cardiac Dimensions

jacki jenuth Current

Cardiac Dimensions is developing a minimally invasive implantable product to treat mitral valve regurgitation associated with congestive heart failure.

Congruence Neuroscience

Alyssia Watkin Current

Congruence Therapeutics is a biotechnology company at the interface of computational and experimental drug discovery, designing novel small molecules to treat diseases caused by protein misfolding.

Corvia Medical

jacki jenuth Current

Corvia Medical is a private medical device company based in Massachusetts developing a catheter-delivered implant for treating diastolic heart failure.

Cyrano Therapeutics

Abi Kumar Current

Cyrano Therapeutics is a private, venture-backed clinical stage regenerative medicine company developing a novel therapy to restore smell and flavor function.

DAMONA Pharmaceuticals

Alyssia Watkin Current

DAMONA is on a mission to develop small molecule therapeutics to improve the lives of patients suffering from cognitive impairment as a result of depression and other diseases of aging.  

Deka BioSciences

Alyssia Watkin Current

Deka Biosciences is developing novel cytokine therapies to drive cures in cancer patients and control inflammatory diseases

Edesa Biotech

jacki jenuth Current

Edesa Biotech is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company that brings innovative new treatments for dermatological and anorectal diseases.


Alyssia Watkin Current

Endogenex is a clinical stage medical device company shifting the treatment paradigm for people living with Type 2 Diabetes by resetting the cellular signaling of the duodenum to help the body better manage blood sugar levels.


jacki jenuth Current

Endotronix, a digital health medtech company, is developing an integrated platform to provide comprehensive, reimbursable health management tools for patients suffering from advanced heart failure.