We Are

Lumira Ventures

We Are Lumira Ventures


$ Invested

Over more than two decades, our firm has invested over $1B via multiple investment funds.


Cumulative Revenue of Portfolio Company Products

The 40+ products brought from discovery to market by our portfolio companies have generated over $60B of cumulative revenue.


Companies Funded

We leverage the lessons learned from helping create, finance and build over 100 innovative healthcare companies.


Average Years Partner Experience

Our portfolio companies take advantage of one of the most experienced and stable team of venture capital partners in North America.


Patients Worldwide

The areas of medical need being tackled by our companies include diabetes, Alzheimer’s, vision loss, heart failure, asthma, infectious disease and others that impact the daily lives of over 1 billion people worldwide.


Geography: Canada and U.S.

Stage: Mix of early, clinical and revenue stage companies that are both privately held and publically traded

Sectors: Biotechnology, medical technologies, digital health and consumer healthcare solutions


Lumira executes a consistent, proven investment strategy as a lead investor and active partner with our portfolio companies. We focus on companies whose products offer transformative (not incremental) improvements to patient health outcomes, and the promise of dramatic reductions in the cost of healthcare delivery. Our Canadian heritage helps us “skate to where the puck is going to be,” investing in the new science and clinical insights that we expect will be driving the next decade of patient care.


Since our inception, we’ve been a different type of venture capital investor. We often focus on backing companies in regions of North America bypassed by most other investors. We manage right-sized funds where the financial interests of our fund investors are tightly aligned with our own. And we differentiate ourselves to entrepreneurs as an investor-of-choice by helping them leverage our multi-decade team stability, global industry relationships and lessons learned from building over 100 companies over our careers.